The goal of this collaborative platform is to collect, to recycle and to hand over the used equipment of the HES-SO laboratories. The laboratory equipment can find a second life by being reused by scientists, professors and researchers in the universities of emerging countries such as Lebanon.

The platform promotes an institutional space on the collective aspects of access to technical, scientific and educational resources of donated laboratory equipment.

The platform directly matches the donated equipment to a receiver and organizes the transport from the Donor to the Receiver. It takes care of the legal regulations which are involved in the transfer process such as customs regulations and shipping.

Each donated equipment is reviewed. If the laboratory equipment is suitable for donation according to the Swiss Ordinance, the following documents are delivered:

  • A certificate of donation to confirm that the donation can only be used for educational and scientific research purposes and is not for sale.
  • A proforma invoice to certify that the shipment has no commercial value. It is a donation and is, therefore, not for sale.

This collaborative platform declines liability for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage incurred by anybody through the use of the equipment. The platform assumes no responsibility for the condition, use, performance or maintenance of the donated equipment.